Safety Bulletin 2




The club has had a long and well established record of working with emergency services but following a recent incident involving a club pilot, Helensburgh Police lodged a complaint with the NSWHPA for what they perceived to be a lack of co operation from club members in assisting them. It appears that, in this instance, their first contact was with a relatively new or inexperienced pilot.

Whilst we have been able to assure them that this was a one off occurrence, as evidenced by our previous association with them, it is timely to re iterate our position as a club.

Emergency personnel attending the site are there for one express purpose and that is to locate and assist a pilot reported to be in distress.

We must give them our full co operation in any way we can.

If you cannot assist directly then put them in contact with the duty pilot. If he/she cannot be located, a safety officer, CFI or a senior club pilot should be seconded to assist.

In cases where the initial report is from a member of the public, we may not be aware that an incident has occurred and again the DP, SO, CFI or senior pilot must be made aware of the situation.

Helensburgh Police now have phone numbers for the club president and SSO to be their first point of contact.

Remember they are there to help a fellow pilot, a friend or even maybe yourself.




There has been an improvement in placing out of markers/signs before flying but there are still some occasions when it has not happening. It is the most basic rule for flying at Stanwell Park and must be adhered to.

Just as important is ensuring that at the end of the day the markers and signs are returned to the

security box on the east launch or to the storage area near the beach.

The club has an arrangement with a local family to put out and retrieve markers on the beach area on most flyable days, it cannot be left to them or the CFI's on the hill to assume full responsibility for putting them away. Solo pilots must also play their part in protecting club assets.

After a big days flying you are no doubt hanging for a nice cold beer but it will only take you half a middie to do the right thing.

If you are the last one to fly, please make arrangements and time to put the equipment away.




Unfortunately it is again necessary to remind paraglider pilots using the high wind launch area of the mandatory use of a spotter when launching. A near miss or mid air collision should not be the required motivation for adhering to this rule. SAFETY FIRST


The contents of this and future safety bulletins will form the basis of the Stanwell Park HangGliding

and Paragliding Clubs Standard Operating Procedures.