Dear member,

With the onset of warmer weather & increased opportunities for flying now upon us, the SPHG&PG committee thought it timely to remind members of the HGFA preferred method of incident & accident reporting.

IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System) is the new HGFA online incident reporting system. Supported by CASA, IRIS is a key component in the ongoing development of the HGFA new safety management systems. IRIS allows simplified online access for HGFA members to lodge incident reports that can then be centrally collated and disseminated back to State Associations and Clubs for safety awareness.

The IRIS Occurrence Reporting System is based on best practice reporting and aims to facilitate an open reporting culture within the HGFA & other self –administered sporting aviation bodies. Experience has shown that the provision of online reporting systems, that allow the confidential handling of information, encourages members to report safety occurrences. It is through the reporting of such occurrences, whether they are a near miss or serious incident or accident, that our organisation and its members can then be made aware of the safety risks within our sport and take the necessary steps to mitigate or eliminate those risks.

With this in mind the committee recommends members take the time to familiarise themselves with this simple new reporting system via the HGFA web site or by following the link provided.

Happy flying & best regards, the SPHGPC committee.