Safety Bulletin 1




There have been occasions in the past when it has become necessary to close the site to all flight operations due to emergency helicopter evacuations or severe weather conditions.

The following procedure is to be taken in such events:

1. The site is to be closed immediately upon request from the Duty Pilot/Safety Officer, or any emergency services personnel such as Police or Ambulance officers.

2. Marker cones will be moved to the front of the launch or landing area and any signage removed.

3. The large white vinyl cross is to be spread out in the middle of the launch or landing area to signify site closure and 3 blasts given on the airhorn at regular intervals to attract pilots attention. The cross, air-horn and first aid kit are in the storage box on the south launch and a key is available from the tucker truck.

4. Upon the sounding of the air-horn pilots must immediately take steps to land as soon a they can do so safely, pack away their wings and comply with any directives from the duty pilot or emergency personnel.

5. Flight operations can only recommence when the Duty Pilot/Safety Officer is satisfied that it is safe to do so.



Paraglider pilots wishing to use the high wind slots are reminded that they MUST have a designated spotter on top of launch to warn or hold outbound traffic to avoid the risk of collision. This is a safety issue and must be adhered to.



Pilots are urged to take extreme caution when flying to Hell Hole in light conditions.

There is a possibility of RCA traffic in the vicinity of the pie shop and Hell Hole car-park at the same flight levels and you should only proceed if it is safe to do so. Do not assume that the RCA operators have you visual or that you have right of way. It is much better to land at Bolga than have a mid air with a model aircraft.


The contents of this and future safety bulletins will form the basis of the Stanwell Park HangGliding and Paragliding Clubs Standard Operating Procedures.