The site works best when the wind is between South and East. You probably want between 10 and 20knts wind speed for the hang gliders and 5 -15knts for paragliders. Check the Bureau Of Meterology web site for the observations from Bellambi and it'll give you a good idea of what the conditions will be like. The site is rated as restricted/intermediate.
Set-up is pretty easy in front of the car park at Bald Hill (Remember there must be cones marking out the set-up area) but it can get a bit crowded at times. Make yourself known to the Safety officer on duty. If you're not a member of the club you must obtain a temporary membership before you fly. If you are not an HGFA member (e.g. you're from overseas) and want to fly the site then get temporary HGFA membership before coming to the site.


Once in the air on a good day you can cruise up and down the coast from Garie down past Bulli. But you should know the limitations of the conditions and your glider. There are areas where you can land in an emergency but there are also rocks, trees and the sea waiting for you. Talk to the local pilots and keep a close eye on the weather conditions, they can change very quickly and ruin your whole day!  Do not land in the sea - ever! If you do then you're pretty much ****ed.

The main landing area is down on the Stanwell Park beach. It's not particularly difficult  but it's surprising how many visiting pilots stuff it up. If the wind is strong and from the South or the East/NE then watch for rotor coming off the spurs to the North and South of the 'chute'. The most significant danger is the close proximity of the public using the beach. The landing area has to be marked with cones/flags but people commonly stray into it, so watch out and make your approach with this in mind. Top landing is common for the paragliders and possible for hang gliders when conditions are suitable. You must be suitably endorsed for this.

There you have it. On a good day it's an awesome place to fly. So what are you waiting for!!